Hodan, is a 23 year old with 10 siblings and lives in Faluuja (ayah 2). Her mother was the breadwinner of the family and her father had a chronic illness and never worked. Although her family were living in difficult conditions, her mother always encouraged Hamda and her siblings to carry on studying no matter how hard it was.

Hodan’s mother was unemployed before becoming one of the Family Strengthening Programmes families and receiving the IGA income ($300). The mother used the money to start a new business called Haafto. She used to sell clothes and other materials to the neighborhood. After she took the second round, she transformed her business and currently sells different items during the morning for school students including snacks, ice cream & sandwiches. All of whom come to her place to buy her delicasses. Hodan then reopens the shop in the afternoon un remains open through the evening.

In 2014, I successfully completed my primary school but then stopped my studies because I got married. I assumed that I won’t be able to continue my education if I got married which is something common in my culture. After one year of my marriage, I gave birth to my first son.

Shortly after giving birth, I decided to go back to school, and luckily, SOS Children’s Villages gave me a lot of life skills trainings and thus helped me to realize the importance of education for me and my family. That motivated me and in addition, my mother received the business aid from SOS Children’s Villages resulting in our livelihood standard becoming better. By 2017, I successfully completed my secondary school.

Subsequently after finishing high school, I got a scholarship from SOS Children’s Villages and I pursued a university degree in social work.

I then graduated with my degree in 2019.

Since I graduated from university, I work in an elementary school where I teach math and Somali. Now, thanks to God, I contribute to my family’s income and our life has become more stable.”

My families conditions have improved tremendously in the course of the Family Strengthening Programme; financially, academically, and overall general health care.

Hodan is a hard-working daughter and a role model in Ayah 2 community. She is one of our bright young adults in our program and chose to overcome her predicaments, and instead make her dreams come true.

“Thank you to SOS Children’s Villages who made us believe in ourselves and improved our life. I will always be grateful for what the program did for me and my family. I have a great sense of appreciation towards SOS Children’s Villages for supporting my family without hesitation. I do not know what my future would have looked like without their help.”

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