The Next Economy Program

The Next Economy (TNE) Programme-Iceland and Netherlands implemented in Somaliland and Somalia, is an established and mature youth employment and entrepreneurship programme that creates jobs and opportunities for Somali youth in challenging and fragile contexts. Funded by The Iceland Ministry of Foreign Affair.  TNE is in its second phase (2022-2024). By working with various local business incubation hubs, Private sector and government agencies. TNE matches the ambitions and career goals of young people with the needs and opportunities in the labour market.


TNE aims to support motivated young people lacking access to decent work, financing and opportunities through skills training, on-the-job-support and business incubation coaching. The curriculum consists of Core Life Skills, which funnels through into Employability and Entrepreneurship Training. Ultimately, this aims to generate jobs by matching young people to internships and supporting start-ups with coaching and crowdfunding opportunities. In the first phase of the programme implemented between 2019-2021, the programme focused on supply of talented youth to the labour market and create massive employment. 

The second phase of TNE programme (2022-2024) aims to further strengthen the programme through focusing on increasing the job placement rate and entrepreneurial success through labour market scans, and supporting alternative ways of delivering the programme.