Report a child safety concern

SOS Children’s Villages strongly condemns all forms of violence and harm against children. We are committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment for every child we reach through our programmes.

Every child safeguarding concern or incident reported is taken seriously because the safety and welfare of the child always come first.

We want to hear about your concern, also anonymously, if that makes you feel more comfortable. We treat each conversation with the utmost confidentiality. A dedicated team of experts who have sole access to the online whistleblowing system will look into the issue, keep you informed and do the necessary follow up.

Thank you for keeping SOS Children´s Villages a safe and caring environment.

If you have any other concern please report here:

Would you like to report suspected corrupt conduct?

If you would like to report suspected corrupt conduct involving SOS Children’s Villages, you can use our online whistleblowing channel:

If you are employed by SOS Children’s Villages, we encourage you to consider alternative reporting options as outlined in our Internal Situation & Solution Paper.

Other feedback or complaints

If you have any other feedback or complaint, please click here. This includes misconduct of SOS Children’s Villages staff in any form, including misuse of power, breach of the Code of Conduct etc.